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We want you to enjoy every single detail and feel unique emotions with us. Because a MSC Cruise is not just any cruise. MSC Cruises is the number one cruise line in Europe, South America and South Africa, sailing year-round in the Mediterranean and the Caribbean. Seasonal itineraries cover Northern Europe, the Atlantic Ocean, Cuba and the French Antilles, South America, and Abu Dhabi, Dubai & Sir Bani Yas.

Valoración: 5 / 5 - 4204196

Dirección de la calle: Starlight House, 1 Wessel Rd, Cnr 5th Ave, Rivonia

Teléfono: 087 075 0850

Sitio web:

  • The dream is getting closer. Book your cabin on board #MSCMagnifica and be ready to live this once-in-a-lifetime experience. #MSCWorldCruise http://bit.ly/2CC9YPe

  • Finally Ocean Cay is coming to life. Get on board and enjoy our piece of heaven. #MSCSeaside #MSCMeraviglia #MSCDivina #MSCArmonia http://bit.ly/2CC9YPe

  • Yes, you got that right! New York City is our newest call. #MSCMeraviglia http://bit.ly/2CC9YPe

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  • Had a fantastic time with the ladies from 19-23 Feb staff is exceptional friendly, maybe add more entertainment for us. Definitely coming back and soon!❤

  • Please advise how long the hold on my credit card will be I cruised 16 February and they deducted the full amount for my onboard expenses plus they put a hold on a certain amount Surely it should be lifted by now Resevation 28571013

  • Good day to you. We arrived back from our trip to "Pomene" this morning (19th to 23rd Feb). Ship in general, for her age, was 100%. Cabin staff were very polite, which was great. Most things in terms of shipboard functions were very good. A few thing...

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